Custom Carbon Brushes for OEM Electric Motor Applications!

Carbon brushes are one of the most critical parts of an electric motor.
A carbon brush, also known as a motor brush, is the small part of the motor that conducts electrical current between the stationary wires (stator) and the rotating wires (rotor) of a motor or generator. The brush is made up of one or more carbon blocks and can come with one or more terminals.

A motor usually contains more than one carbon brush to conduct electrical current. The brushes are divided into five brush-grade categories, each of which is constructed for different kinds of motors and applications.

We offer the highest quality carbon brushes for all your motor applications, including; automotive, home appliance, power tools, DC motors, generators, and industrial applications.

Whether you need for your application consult us, we work with you and your design engineers to assure the right material grade, create a prototype in our facilities, and address any issues that fall beyond the scope of the brush.

Our facility meets the needs of customized brushes for your OEM application in the following industries.

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