COMMUTATORS & SLIP RINGS                                 

A commutator is an arrangement of insulated copper segments (bars) that are connected to coils of an electric motor to provide a reversal of current into the coils of the motor.

The assembly is insulated on the rotor shaft and the copper blades are connected to the anchor windings. Permanently installed carbon brushes make contact with the collector and provide power to the anchor windings.

Our product line includes most common types of commutators used in today’s industrial applications and they can be grouped as; hook type, barrel and planer (face type) types of commutators.   These are also constructed with several different methods of manufacturing mostly depending on application criteria and design of the motor.  

With over 50+ years experience in the industry, we offer approx 800 types of commutators with OD 4mm up to 385mm moulded type of construction and also custom made (handcrafted) commutators for larger machines with steel and mica construction.  The rage for this type of had crafted commutators is OD from 50mm up to 1400mm. Our slip ring range between 25mm  ~ 400mm.

Using only the best material and product design, we have the experience to offer commutators and slip rings for the most demanding specifications of high speed and high-temperature applications; especially for the automotive, power tool, home appliance and industrial DC motor applications.

For your obligation free quotation, send us your technical drawings, specifications or samples.


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